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Ingredients 1 (12-14 lb) Rugby Scott American Wagyu Brisket ½ cup + 1 TBS Kosher Salt ½ cup + 1 TBS Coarsely Group Pepper ¼ Cup Worcestershire Sauce ¼ Cup...


1 (12-14 lb) Rugby Scott American Wagyu Brisket

½ cup + 1 TBS Kosher Salt

½ cup + 1 TBS Coarsely Group Pepper

¼ Cup Worcestershire Sauce

¼ Cup Water or Apple Juice

Wood pellet smoker- use hickory pellets (make sure to have enough pellets for a 10–12-hour smoke!)


In Texas beef is king and Texas style smoked brisket is #1 in our books!  There are countless brisket recipes, rubs, smoke profiles and methods out there in “internet land” and as in any art form, it’s all subjective. When using an ultra-prime cut from Rugby Scott less is more. Forget the complicated spice rubs, injections, and herbs.  Beef of this quality needs little to shine and the high-grade marbling in our cuts will net a tender and insanely flavorful brisket using a simple salt and pepper rub.  Brisket is the ultimate slow-food and in the spirit of Rugby Scott, honoring the land, the tradition, and the animal, sit back, relax, have a few beers, and smoke this brisket to perfection.

Prep time 48 hours

Cook Time 12 Hours


  1. 48 hours from serving- transfer brisket from freezer to refrigerator leaving in in its original packaging. 
  2. 4-24 hours from serving- remove brisket from packaging, rinse, and pat dry.  Trim the brisket while it is still cold- Important to trim just right! Trim too much fat and it will be dry, too little and it will be fatty.
     Trim down the fat cap to around ¼”
     Remove the deckle and small membrane next to the deckle.
     Remove some of the thick fat between the point and flat muscles. 
  3.  Mix the salt and pepper in a bowl, sprinkle an even layer to both sides, continuously mix the run to prevent the salt from settling on the bottom. DO NOT OVER-SEASON! 
  4. Place seasoned uncovered din fridge for at least 4 hours and up to 24 hours before smoking. 
  5. Remove and let sit for 1 hour at room temp prior to putting on the smoker. 
  6. If using a pellet grill set to 200 degrees F and use super smoke function if you like extra wood flavor.  Using other smokers ensure a consistent 200–225-degree F temp range and keep the meat moist by adding a pan of water to the heat source). 
  7.  Place the Brisket on the grilling surface. Fat Cap Up or Down? Personal preference
    If you are a pro you probably aren’t reading this recipe- for the rest of us- Fat cap down is the best way to ensure the meat is protected from the heat source as most smoker grills use a below grate heat source and should give consistent results. 
  8. Insert meat probe into the thickest part of the brisket and ensure tip is in muscle not fat.  Cook for 6-8 hours until internal temperature reaches 160 degrees F.  Mix the Worcestershire and water/juice in a spray bottle and spray the top of the meat every few hours to keep it moist. 
  9. Once internal temperature reaches 160 remove and place on a sheet of butcher sheet paper, let rest for 5 minutes, spray brisket one more time with mister solution and wrap the brisket tightly and put back on the grill.  Reinsert the probe into the thickets part again and increase temperature to 225 degrees F,  Cook until internal temperature reaches 205 degrees F. 
  10.  Once internal temperature reaches 205 degrees F remove the brisket, wrap in a towel and place in a cooler and allow to rest for at least 2 hours. 
  11.   Slice into 1/8 inch prices against the grin at a 45 degree angle and serve.  


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